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MY PARTNER, MY FRIEND By Claudia Clark The Relationship between U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

Dear Barack

By Claudia Clark

The Relationship between U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

My Partner, My Friend explores how the relationship between Barack Obama and Dr. Angela Merkel evolved from one of extreme apprehension to one of deep friendship and a partnership that captivated the world.

My Partner, My Friend explains why Barack Obama’s and Dr. Angela Merkel’s partnership is so important to today’s world leaders – the transformation of their relationship exemplifies how it is possible for political adversaries to establish a bond of trust, respect, and even friendship.

Check out Claudia Clark’s interview discussing the creation process of the book.


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Claudia Clark

CLAUDIA CLARK has worked on numerous political and social justice campaigns, including serving as a campaign manager for a school bond measure for the South San Francisco Unified Schools Campaign; a community organizer with ACORN; a field organizer for the South Bay Labor Organization, San Jose, CA; and a field organizer for the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy families. Her volunteerism includes: many Democratic Party organizations, NAACP groups, Planned Parenthood affiliations, and Toastmaster’s International.
Author Claudia Clark
Thank you for coming to Hamburg and presenting your book. Wonderful listening to you, and receiving so much valuable information on two important & influential leaders! I felt privileged to also have a second chance to listen to you. My very best for you and much success with your book!

– Ulrike Westermann, President International Women’s Club of Hamburg

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Michigan State University women’s history classes / NAACP, San Jose, CA; Democratic Party Santa Clara, CA; Munich Toastmaster’s International; Munich Democrats Abroad; International Women’s Club, Munich; Berlin Women’s International Caucus.

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At a time when the world is being held in suspense by the erratic actions of a more than opaque US President, it is good to remember that a few years ago it was completely different: America was led by Obama, a personality who could scarcely be surpassed in terms of integrity, level and care for his country. Last but not least, it was this integrity that laid the foundation for an extremely stable and friendly relationship between Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. Claudia Clark analyses in her book how this unusually close relationship came about, even by transatlantic standards. From the difficult beginnings to the strong cohesion when it mattered, Claudia Clark describes step by step the genesis of a friendship that we all wish to see again between Europe and the USA today.

– Robert Schumann

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