Claudia Clark
Author and Speaker

Relationships Between World Leaders

Thanks to the gracious hospitality and invitation to speak before members of the Rotary International Club of Hamburg and the Women’s International Club of Hamburg I traveled Germany’s 2nd largest city, and the Northern port city to promote my book. On January 21,...

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Their Friendship and Not Their Politics

I spoke before a group of 45 international women on the importance of my book. The group was a non political group so I framed my message as a discussion about a book about the friendship and relationship among politicians. The book was about their friendship and not...

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How Quickly Things Changed

I spoke at Mathilde’S Café in Hamburg before a small group of friends, members of the Democrats Abroad Hamburg Chapter. During this discussion, I emphasized my purpose in writing the book. Initially I wrote the book as therapy—a sentimental journey at the relationship...

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My Name is Claudia

My name is Claudia and political activism is in my genes. My paternal great grandmother marched in the streets for women´s suffrage, my grandfather was an active union shop steward and FDR supporter, and my mother, a gifted linguist volunteered for JFK’s presidential...

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Berlin Wall

I did not realize how growing up in the United States during the Cold War impacted me until my first trip to Berlin in 1990. Children in America would often toss around the phrase “it is a free country” quite loosely in daily conversations or confrontations. One day...

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My Challenges with German

From the moment I stepped foot on German soil in August 1990, I fell in love the country, the people, and the culture. What I did not however, fall in love with was the language. Even though I am a bleeding heart liberal, the one area I tend to side with conservatives...

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